Wednesday, November 11, 2009

How to decorate the perfect (in my humble opinion) rustic kitchen

You know what I need? A dinner bell. It will complete the look and feel of my kitchen, which is decorated with a smattering of this and that and all things old and rustic. I have several different sized and shaped glass bottles on the top of my cupboards. I have some old cast iron frying pans up there too. My walls are decorated with a couple rustic sunflower drawings framed in old barn wood. Once, while out browsing at a thrift store, I bought the neatest miniature barn door (yes, door), that is about two feet tall, with paned glass and real hardware for door knob. The door has a shelf that sits across the bottom window ledge, which I have placed some small herb pots on. It hangs on a wall and is painted in a rustic weathered gray color. Hanging along side it is a one foot tall picket fence, also painted in the rustic weathered gray color.

What I am missing from my kitchen, which I believe will round it out quite nicely, are a rooster and a dinner or farm bell. I have in one corner of the kitchen a rustic baker’s rack that is covered with pots of flowers, old, weathered watering cans and some very old family photographs. On my counter over the sink I have a one foot tall, carved out of wood and painted to look very old and antique, jersey cow. She is very whimsical and rustic looking at the same time. My kitchen table is an old butcher block top, with antiqued cream colored legs and wooden chairs to match. On the table sits my grandmother’s old wooden cutting board and on top of that sits a vase with sunflowers in it. I hope that I find the just right rooster for the cupboard over my refrigerator, to sit next to my bird house and very ancient wooden wine box. Once I find the perfect dinner bell, I think my kitchen just might be complete.

Until I change my mind and redecorate it using the Tuscan theme that I keep dreaming about.

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