Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Zing Zang Zoom!

Tickets to the below mentioned program were given to me at no charge for review. I am not being monetarily paid for this review (other than receipt of the free product). I will give my honest opinion and thoughts regarding said product(s).

Did I tell you we went to the circus? Of course I didn’t because I just pulled this post out of my saved DRAFT folder. Apparently I wrote it, saved it so I could download the pictures and then promptly forgot all about it. (Sorry Lauren)!

I’ll tell you, this was probably one of the best circus acts I’ve ever seen, and we have seen plenty. This year we saw the Zing Zang Zoom show and it was the best I can recall.

My 12 year old was busy trying to figure out how the magic worked, exactly. My 9 year old was trying to figure out what to watch and when and how those people were walking around upside down!

My husband and I were in awe that the show was so much more captivating for our whole family this time around. What we wanted to know the most was if the two women being shot out of cannons would be cramming their heads through the roof because they shot FAST!

I love the tension that comes with the big cats and the goofiness of the clowns and the athleticism of the aerial acrobats.

However, my favorite part is always the elephants. Something about them makes the circus real for me. I love when they do tricks and stand on each other.They make the circus magic for me. Thank you Mom Central for the opportunity!

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