Friday, May 16, 2008

Trojan Extended Pleasure

The below mentioned product was purchased by me for my personal use. I am not being monetarily paid for this review. I will give my honest opinion and thoughts regarding said product anyway.

Remember the old tips on pleasing your man including put in a Halls Cough drop before you go south and it will make him squirm? Or I heard the same thing with an Altoid mint. Then I heard that he could do the same thing for a woman. I tried the Halls trick. It burned like hell. My husband liked to remind me of this precious moment in time occasionally. But it is all in good fun because I remind him of the time we were going at it and the dog licked his butt. It’s all good in our house. So, when I said I was going to blog about Trojan Condoms, my husband didn’t bat an eye.
There are certain things that you do to please your partner. There are things you try and things you discuss and things that make you both laugh. I was surprised when my husband first approached me and asked if I was satisfied. Of course I am satisfied. One doesn’t stay married for fifteen plus years as an unsatisfied woman, unless she is my mother, but that is another entry for another day.

Upon some prodding and poking around, my husband finally spilled his guts. He was considering Viagra. He thought it may help in the longevity department. I didn’t even realize it was an issue. I suggested we explore our options. A few nights later, he came home with some condoms and a proposal.

Now, I'm always game for a proposal from the man I love, especially when it involves certain items like, naked laundry, kisses in front of the kids and then they run from the room crying “ewwwww,” or condoms.
Once the kids were in bed, we set about playing around investigating his new item.

To be fair, we did try the Trojan Extended Pleasure condoms out more than once. These condoms contain a “Climax Control Lubricant-Clear odorless lubricant with special additive to help prevent premature ejaculation and help provide greater staying power.”
In fact, we’re on our second box! However, the first time we used them, they didn’t really seem to make a difference in his longevity. Seems that the man should put the condom on for a few minutes before the act in order for the lubricant to start its magic.
The second time we used them, well, he certainly lasted longer than he did the first time. But, and that is a big BUT there must have been a leak of some sort because as we were right in the middle of “the act” I suddenly felt weird. Like, numb weird. I thought that my parts simply weren’t used the work out they had just received. *blush*
However, the next time we used them, the same thing happened. Finally I realized what was happening. Whatever those scientists at Trojan use to “control the climax” is really much like the numbing agent that a dentist uses on your gums. It numbs the skin. Apparently, what I had always heard as a rumor (rub some Orajel down there, wait a few minutes, then proceed to the act, and supposedly the man will last longer) has some small amount of truth to it because I got a little of that agent used in the condoms on my lip and sure enough, I felt like I had rubbed Orajel on it.
Anyway, my unsolicited review of this product is a total thumbs up. If you and your partner are having longevity issues, or EE (early ejaculation) I think these might actually help and even if they don’t, it is fun trying right!

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